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Isabella County Animal Shelter Wish List

These items are needed all the time at the animal shelter

Needed for the animals: 
Dog Crates
Cat Carriers
Kong and Nylabone toys
Large Raw Hide treats
Wet Cat and Dog Food
Clay Litter (non clumping)
Vics Liquid Vapor Treatment
Dog and Cat Collars
Feelaway refills
Calming Collars for Cats
Omega 3 supplements
Dog and Cat Beds 
 cat toys
Dog Leashes
stainless steel dog bowls 
Spray cheese for kongs
Peanut Butter
General Shelter Needs: 
Large Litter Pans (with and without hoods)
Automatic food and water dispensers
Tie Blankets for Cat and Dog Beds
Laundry Detergent
Paper Towels
Washcloths and Towels
Notepads and Pens
Pre-Paid Gas Cards for Animal Transport 
Gift Cards (Petsmart, JoAnne Fabrics, Soldan's, Target and Sam's Club)
Bigger Wishes: 
Kuranda Dog Beds
New Commercial Washer and Dryer
Power Washer
Air Purifiers
Van for Transporting Animals 
Large Outdoor Kennels
Wood Chips 
your gifts will be accepted anytime at the shelter
everyone would be very grateful!
The shelter also accepts any kind of dry and canned pet food, especially smaller bags of dry. These are passed on to the the food pantry to be given to families in need.